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This is January's Album Drop, it is the entire photo shoot of 51 photos.  

"Beauty lights".  Ultimate, this entire photo set will post on Monday for you to download.  


January Album Drop (Ultimate will receive this Monday in posts)

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Here are steps to download a zip file from an email:  Scroll to bottom

    • Right-click the zip file attachment in your email
    • Select Download
    • Choose a folder on your computer to save the file

    If you're using Gmail, you can also: 

    • Rollover the icon
    • Look for the download arrow
    • Right-click on the link
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    • Open the email with multiple attachments
    • Select Download All in the attachments area
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    How to open ZIP file in iPhone or Android Mobile: Download the ZIP file on your phone. · Open Files on your phone and go to Downloads. · Locate and click on the ZIP file.

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