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NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS MAY TAKE 24 HOURS TO may take up to 24 hours to access your purchased tier.

For subscription purchases, unlike Patreon, you will be billed every 30 days from the date of first you don't have to wait until the first of the month to join.


Please use your credit card for subscriptions; Paypal does not accept payments for subscriptions

If you want to move up from "Get to Know Me" to "Ultimate". please purchase the tier and then email us or send a message via the "CHAT' box to let us know. 




"Can I turn notifications off?" yes, you may turn them off in your email settings. (check spam folder for email if you don't see them)

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More FAQ's

"Where are the Ultimate photo drops?" Ultimate photo drops are included and dropped as a "post" you can find them every month within the posts. 

"I am an Ultimate member, do I need to purchase the Ultimate photo drops?"  
No, you do not need to purchase Ultimate photo drops.  They are included in your membership.. 

"Is the October Ultimate Set included in my Ultimate plan? Yes, but you will have to wait until October for that set to drop in the Ultimate tier.  If you can't wait, you are free to purchase the set.  It will be delivered to your email in a downloadable zip file.  There are no watermarks on the full photo set. 

"How do I receive my personalized video/gift purchase thank you video?" Personalized videos will be sent to your email within 3 days of purchase.  If you don't see a place to write your message to Kylin, you may always send your message via the CHAT box, or email:

Why can't I make my profile public?  We take the safety of our members and their privacy very seriously, we have decided to make members profiles private to prevent any harassment or unwanted solicitation.  
Kylin is always able to see who comments, but if you'd like the community to identify you, please add your name at the beginning of your comment. 

Why can't I comment on the "spaces app"  the wix app does not have a way to disable the ability to message/harass/solicit members unfortunately but you can still comment using your mobile/computer browser.  Kylin can see who is commenting even though your profile is set to private.

How long will content stay on the site?  To shorten the load times, and to keep the experience more pleasant for our long time members, and lessen the amount of scrolling to view content, we will delete the previous months content the first week of every month.   We are also limited in the amount of total digital space allowed.

If you have further questions, please send a message using the "Chat" box, or email: 

We do not have a staff, so please allow mom Jane a minimum or 24 hours to reply.  Replies will be sent via email (check your spam folder)



If you need help, please send a message using the "chat" box, or email us

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