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Another notice trying to reach GTKM members: We had a glitch when archiving the GTKM tier. As you can see in the description, the tier is supposed to "remain active for

customers who've already purchased a subscription", and instead it removed the tier when trying to create a new post and from all prior posts that were already posted. We will get in touch with all CURRENT/PAID GTKM members tonight via email. I can still access the current member list of all current subscribers and emails. We will make this right and get the content to you, unfortunately we can't offer a refund as there is no longer a subscription recognized to refund. Look for this email either tonight or before Feb 1. I think we can offer you a solution that will make you happy. See below what I read when making the decision to archive GTKM so no new members would be able to join but instead, well you know what happened. ULTIMATE members, you do not need to do anything as the tier will continue indefinately.

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